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Spreading the Fire – Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

Echoes of Empyrean takes the first 10% of its gross profit and donates that to missionaries spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In this way, before we gain any benefit from sharing our stories, God’s Story of Redemption is the first to see a reward for our labor. Next, to ensure that EoE’s focus stays on promoting the ongoing creation of more content, the remaining gross profit is split 50:50 with the contributors, who each get an equal share from the Contributor Fund for each issue. Further, the first 10% of the 45% for EoE’s Compensation Fund (so 4.5% of the Gross Profit) will be used to promote the magazine further, hopefully enabling us to have a greater impact for all while taking the hit ourselves.

That sounds all well and good, but how do we determine “Gross Profit” you ask? After all, we could deduct our staff’s earnings and say that’s part of doing business. But that’s now EoE operates.


Gross Profit Pie Chart Breakdown

Pie Chart for EoE Gross Profit

Basic Terms and Definitions

So, here’s the breakdown. Revenue is the amount of money coming in for all sources for a particular issue. This will typically come from two places: subscriptions and ads. Subscriber income for the issue is calculated by how many active subscribers there were and dividing their yearly subscription cost by the number of issues in that given volume (year).

Operating Costs refers to the money that Echoes of Empyrean must spend on other entities to actually have a product to distribute, but not to our own staff. Examples of this would be the costs of web servers for the site, app conversion (if utilized), and printing/mailing costs (when/if we go into a traditional magazine format). Also included would be third-party contractors if a specific need arises. What is NOT included is the wages of EoE staff. That comes out of the Gross Profit.

Gross Profit is pretty simple. It’s just Revenue minus Operating Costs.  The first 10% of this goes to the mission field, and the remaining is split evenly between EoE and its contributors, with contributors for each issue getting an equal share of the Contributor Fund and EoE taking 10% of its Compensation Fund to further promote the product to increase readership.

Wait, How Does EoE Staff Make a Living In This Model?

We share our success with our Contributors, which means Echoes of Empyrean will indeed have to reach a sizeable audience before this can become a full-time job, if it ever reaches that point. But that’s ok. This publication was not created primarily to earn money, but to help spread the Fire of Creation, both the recreation through the redemption of Christ and the subcreations of those following Him, and simultaneously help readers find stories that hopefully help lift their minds towards the higher themes of the soul. If God blesses this endeavor enough for it to become a fulltime job for a great team of staff – great. But God has already given talents and careers needed to at least accomplish our primary goal. If He blesses us beyond that… what a great blessing indeed!